Will – Will Smith

Book review, to buy the book click here.

Will Smith’s Autobiography is an amazing book. Written in collaboration with Mark Manson is it hilarious and impactful. This book contains more than just insights into the life of Will Smith, it contains insights about life itself.

This book has it all: falling in love, heartbreak, gaining riches, losing it all, getting it back, the beauty of birth, the pain of death. Will has put everything in this book making it a raw, emotional journey.

I listened to the book as an audiobook. Some books are better read, some don’t matter but this one is definitely better as an audiobook. Will reads it himself and incorporated a lot of music and sound effects which make the experience fully emerging.

“I might break a promise to you, but I will never break a promise to me.”

-Will Smith

He will have you laughing out loud in some parts and in tears in others. His life has been an emotional rollercoaster. He is a great example of what can be achieved when someone has a dream and is willing to do everything to reach it.

Many of his biggest life decisions were made without the opportunity of time to contemplate. His self-discipline is enviable and the reason for his amazing success.

Will is the embodiment of hope, he has lived and continues to live his own hero’s journey. His life shows that it doesn’t matter where you start. Anyone can move mountains if sufficiently motivated. I hope that you get the chance to listen to the book as it is great entertainment and a well of knowledge.

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