Book Journal

There are three ways to read a book:

  • Paperback books are great because they provide real textural feed back and allow you to take notes in the margins.
  • Digital books are great because they are always available through your mobile or table.
  • Audiobooks are great because they are mobile and can be read while doing other tasks.

Basically, books of all formats are great and serve their purpose. I tend to be reading at least one going in each format at a time. The best thing about books is sharing thoughts about them. Here I have written my thoughts on some of my most recent reads in order to start some online discussions about books I think are worthy of discussing.

The Parasitic Mind – Gad Saad

The Parasitic Mind by Gad Saad is a vaccine for the thought parasites that we are all plagued with.

Will – Will Smith

Will Smith’s Autobiography was written in collaboration with Mark Manson.

Fluent in 3 months – Benny Lewis

A language learning guide on how to go get started with your language learning journey.

How we learn – Stanislas Dehaene

Insights into the neurology of learning and how we can take advantage of it in order to optimize learning.

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