About me

My name is Jessy Plante and this website is the result of five years of work, travel and study culminating with the goal to help others. Through my previous career in the wine industry, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively to Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Israel, Morocco, Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy. The time in these countries forces me to develop an ability to take what I was being offered and to make the best of it. 

Long before I started travelling I was born in the small town of Manitouwadge in Northern Ontario Canada. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry, neither has anyone else. From there I then moved to Thunder Bay to study Psychology at Lakehead University, transferring into Chemistry after the first semester and eventually settling on a Bachelor of Oenology and Viticulture at Brock University in Saint Catharines. Basically, I love science and did not know to best to express it.

Growing up my dream was to travel the world. The wine industry provided me with the opportunity to combine my desire to travel while working in an industry I was passionate about. Being in the wine industry also meant that I was constantly surrounded by well-travelled and open-minded people. The travelling lifestyle was great but it was always destined to be temporary. Now I have settled down and am working as an assistant winemaker in Vienna, Austria. 

While I love wine, and the wine industry, I would rather work in a field where I can give back to the community. Throughout my career as a travelling winemaker, I had a lot of time off between vintages and learned to enjoy it to the fullest while living on a very limited budget, dealing with visas, and eventually a global pandemic.

The pandemic is what got me started on the journey to be a life coach. When it started, I felt very isolated. I was self-isolating with people I didn’t know whose English was not great while going through a break-up, being jet-lagged from shift change and on the other side of the world from my family.

Lockdown had me in a dark place. It was in this dark place that I started going for long walks, connecting to my self-isolation family through cooking, listening to audiobooks and meditating. I used my unfortunate situation to develop and grow.

The knowledge I have pulled out of those books in combination with my experience making the best of those unfortunate circumstances is what I hope to share with you. I want to help you turn whatever your unfortunate circumstances might be into opportunities for growth.

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