How to have a more optimistic mindset

Regardless of your situation, your mindset is the primary determiner of your potential. The world you live in is created by where your attention is focused. Believing in the possibilities of tomorrow will outweigh any setbacks while you reach your goals. 

Read on to find out what this hidden effect is. Rhonda Byrne refers to this effect as “the secret” in her book. More generally and less hokus pokusy, it is known as the law of attraction. This law has three parts:

  1. Beliefs lead to manifestations.
  2. Possibility depends on belief.
  3. Change is not necessary.

Beliefs lead to manifestations.

There are two steps to making the law of attraction work for you: know what you want, and believe it will come. Following these two steps is the most likely path to achieving your goals. Though you may sometimes suffer along the way, you will eventually find that you are the master of your destiny. 

A couple of years ago, I was very conflicted about whether to stay in New Zealand as a backpacker or return to Germany, where I had a secure job lined up. I had a vision of what my life would look like. Germany was the next stepping stone on my journey to be a winemaker with a master’s degree in the international wine business. 

Meanwhile, New Zealand was the great unknown. I did not know where my life would go if I stayed in New Zealand and simply lived for a while, working much harder in agriculture and travelling. Swayed by a cute Czech girl and a global pandemic, I decided to stay in New Zealand. 

Staying in New Zealand turned out to be a great decision. It gave me time to hear audiobooks almost endlessly and read books I had had on my mind for a long time.

Limited access to hot showers led me to experiment – though rarely by choice – with cold showers and cold swims. During this time, I realized there is more to life than wine.

Wine has been a means to work and travel for the past five years, and I am now ready to use what I have learned while travelling and living abroad to help people be their best selves. 

It is easy for you to be successful if you believe in your abilities. When you want something in your heart of hearts – be it to be healthy, multilingual, fit, or a master chess player – the world will align itself for you to achieve your goals. 

Possibility depends on belief.

We live in a time when people can reinvent themselves as many times as they want and continually be more successful. The corporate ladder climbed by our ancestors has been broken down and replaced by a three-dimensional elevator. 

We can’t know what lies ahead, and it’s exciting. I am optimistic as I forge a new path in coaching, teaching and blogging. Our brains gear us to pay closer attention to failure than successes because of the negativity and availability biases. We would have limiting beliefs if we let those biases impact our mindset.

It takes many failures to create a single success. If someone has failed to do what you are attempting, it means you are attempting something worth doing. Many people tried and failed to achieve powered flight before the Wright brothers proved it possible with their 59-second powered flight

A lot has happened since that initial flight, and we now see powered flight as evident, with most major cities having their own airport. We can now fly from one side of the world to the other in about a day. It took time, consistent effort and collaboration for us to get this far; it took the growth mindset of the Wright brothers, who wholeheartedly believed it was possible.

Photo by Spencer Davis on

When you stop believing something is impossible, you make room for the possible. As you start thinking about possibilities, you become limitless. 

Awareness is the first step toward changing your mindset. As outlined in A craving mind, awareness is essential for behaviour change. The best way to develop this mindfulness is through meditation. 

Meditation effectively changes your mindset by teaching you to be observant of your thoughts. Through meditation, you learn to see, notice and let go of negative thoughts rather than locking onto them and ruminating. This act of letting go makes space for ideas of possibility to start flowing in. Still, before you can be genuinely limitless, you must first notice the blessings in your life.

Change is not necessary.

When you seek difficulty, you will find ease; conversely, when you seek ease, you will find difficulty. This is basically the thesis of Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** – dealing with your problems gives you better problems.

Things can always be better or worse, but they just are. When you address your problems and appreciate the blessings in your life, you will have a more fulfilling life filled with better problems. 

Seeking riches is the best way to remain poor, instead, find something you are passionate about and let it drive you to riches. I am rich in how Napolian Hill defined it – free to follow my dreams.

I have followed my dreams since I left university five years ago, but it has not always been easy. Learning a foreign language is hard, and learning two is harder. Still, I am happier now than ever, even though I work in a German-speaking country and spend my weekends in a Czech-speaking country. It’s hard, I am often isolated from the conversation, but I use this to increase my drive to learn those languages.

Focusing on what you want creates a mindset of need, while focusing on what you have makes a mindset of wealth, and as the old adage goes: 

“wealth creates wealth.”

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