My mission:

As I enter my third decade, I am driven to help others make the most out of their lives. To reach this goal, I am writing a weekly blog on improving your habits and offering life coaching sessions to those wishing for a more catered experience.

The blog is a reference point for you to know where to start so we can make the most of our sessions together. You know the way; I am here to help you see it.

About me

I am a travelling winemaker turned life coach. While travelling, I was on the constant hunt for knowledge and adventure. Now that I am starting the next stage of my life, I am here to help you transition to yours. Click here to learn more.


Longevity habits are tricky, but they can be manageable. My blog is here to help you swing them from the tricky side towards the manageable one. Click here to read the latest post.

Longevity Coaching

We all need a nudge sometimes; I am here to be yours. Whether you are trying to get your finances in order or you want to start taking cold showers, there are many aspects of longevity to consider. I am here to help you find your priority so you can be prepared for later. Click here to learn more about my coaching.


Longevity is a communal activity. As such, here are some longevity-centred events to introduce you to your community. Join us and find like-minded individuals willing to take the hard path to an easy life. Click here to see what is happening.


Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.

-Napolean Hill

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

-Bertrand Russel
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